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The Best Places To Live In Greater Manchester

14/06/18 by Herwald Sales & Lettings

We love our region. It’s no secret that a lot of other people do too, since Greater Manchester is stuffed with great schools, sports facilities, cultural events and beautiful suburbs with their own unique sense of character.

That last point is especially crucial because there’s more to this county than Manchester itself. Keen to live somewhere new? Discover our hit list of the best places to consider…


The borough of Bury, in the north, has much to offer. Several amazing areas exist with their own distinct personality (two others of which we’re going to mention later). Whitefield is one of them. Known for its mini spread of fine eateries – Roma, Porada and Slattery’s come to mind – it’s also ideal for married couples. Whitefield’s several independent wedding shops are reflective of the young partners that move here, build their life, and tie the knot.


Chorlton has, for a lot of people in their mid-20s, become an oasis: somewhere to escape the city, take a leafy walk with the dog, or have a splash in the water park by Sale Golf Club. With just a half-hour tram ride into the city centre, and vegan restaurants, independent bars and quirky markets aplenty, prices are understandably quite steep for both renting and home-buying.


Trust us – Salford is back on the up. The Quays are there for a glimmering jaunt with your friends late at night. Villages such as Boothstown and Ellenbrook have a quieter atmosphere, perfect for families with young children. Even formerly neglected areas, like Ordsall, have a shopping centre, leisure halls and regenerative interest due to their proximity to MediaCityUK, the home of the BBC.


Mad for local history? Radcliffe might just be the place you’re after, with its abundance of heritage sites. There’s Hook’s Cottage, built in 1773. St. Mary’s Church represents the medieval period, whilst a bunch of Grade I and II-listed structures pepper this town in the Irwell Valley. Where’s that? It just happens to be within the Bury limits, meaning you’re very close to a number of theatres, museums and lush parkland.


Prestwich is our personal favourite – not only because Herwald Sales & Lettings operate there, but also due to the fact that we’ve lived in the region our entire lives. There are myriad reasons for doing so. First up are the masterful grilling skills of the chefs at Panama Hatty’s, along with ripe produce at Village Greens and Italian wine courtesy of Basil + Lily. Heaton Park is a few minutes away on the tram, so your picnics are catered for. The schools are well regarded for kids at primary and secondary level. Runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts will have a literal field day, as the township is particularly green, made for those who like to get out and explore.

Why not call us up? The Herwald team have a ton of suggestions for where to buy or rent in Greater Manchester. These are merely the starting point, and we’d be happy to lead you further…





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