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Is Now The Best Time To Sell Your Property?

29/05/18 by Herwald Sales & Lettings

Summer is a fabulous excuse for new decisions. As a property owner, the season can be used to show off your four walls at their best.

Now could be the time to sell up. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to move or a landlord in the throes of a portfolio change, Herwald Sales & Lettings are familiar with both sides of the coin.

The market in Prestwich, Bury and Greater Manchester is doing exceedingly well, too… Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Bury is a giant in the UK property market (yep, really!)

You may’ve noticed that Greater Manchester, as a region, is welcoming thousands of new residents every year. We’re beating London to the crown for the most exciting, dynamic place to live in the country. The city itself is the main draw – all those bars, restaurants, art galleries and independent venues are fulfilling their promise, whilst graduate schemes are a dime a dozen in Spinningfields and other business hubs.

But the surrounding areas (those like Prestwich, Bolton and Salford) are soaring in value too. Some people would rather commute than take a share of the urban life. Bury has been announced as one of the best property spots nationwide. Last year, house prices shot up more than 13%, with half of workers taking jobs in the city.

We can point to various advantages – the schools, the transport, the proximity to Heaton Park and other green areas that help residents relax. Outlying communities like Bury and Prestwich are close to the professional fireworks of Manchester, yet far enough to be seen as a great place to land a house share or raise a family.

The average Bury property is priced somewhere around £189,000. If trends continue, the rise will crest in the next few years. Now is the most sensible time in which to sell up if you want to take advantage of relative home value.

Prestwich is even more exclusive…

Back in May 2017 the average figure for Prestwich real estate stood at £214,113. That’s right: £25,000 higher than Bury. Anyone who’s seen the development the town has made in the last decade – from a quiet, leafy community into an upmarket heaven for foodies and socialites – will be close to the reason behind this phenomenon.

Although South Manchester claimed the luxury bohemian vibe before us, their homes are too expensive for sustained growth. Portfolios are easier to maintain when the asking price is lower; as a landlord, you won’t be waiting long in Prestwich for a buyer to snap a home up. Likewise, as a homeowner, the sale prices are healthy, but not too steep for young couples, families and retirees. You’ll be courting a wide audience and a lot of viewings

As ever, we can solve the tough stuff for you. Herwald Sales & Lettings have been in the beating heart of Greater Manchester for as long as we can remember. Summer is here, and it’s begging to see you accomplish your sales aims – contact us for advice, tips or market services in Prestwich and Bury, so we can make it happen.

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