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How To Freshen Up Your Property In Time For Summer

21/05/18 by Herwald Sales & Lettings

The sun is shearing the clouds apart. Blue skies are the norm again, and we couldn’t be happier – Prestwich and Greater Manchester look magnificent in the blush of full summer.

You may be a landlord with a vacant space, hoping to dress it in a fashion suited for the best months of the year. More people will view your property if they see it’s on a hot style streak. Alternatively, you could be a tenant or homeowner – why not take the following inspiration for a summery home, mirroring the renewal of the season?

Opt for lighter curtain materials

Thick curtains hamper the natural light you’re trying to welcome inside. Even when parted, they block at least a quarter of the sun beaming in from a window. That can be the point, of course, but a summer home isn’t afraid to make the most of the longer days.

Swap velvet, wool or heavy linen for something airier, such as silk or a linen type that remains partially opaque.

Apply a brighter lick of paint

Purple and dark beige may be in vogue, but they aren’t conducive for summer bliss through June to August. The lighter side of the spectrum is much better for reflecting and/or accentuating the luminous qualities you’re hoping to gain.

Give the whole house a paint job. We’re fans of white walls with yellow spotted patterns in certain areas. A second option can run over orange, cream and sandalwood tones – save one or two for large surfaces, and the other for skirting boards. Obviously, if you’re a tenant, check that you’re allowed to make such changes before dipping your brush into the tin…

Mix and match outdoor furniture

It’s surprising how a tiny furnishing effect can give that old space a makeover you’ll never forget. Case in point: the patio, yard or garden, each of which may embrace the impression of a lounge area.

Modern exterior trends are taking on all kinds of builds and materials. Beanbags, for example, have escaped the clutches of a kids’ bedroom, and now function as a chic piece of outdoor seating. Corner sofas (the weatherproof kind!) are great for late-evening drinks. Oh, and who can miss a BBQ playing lynchpin to the whole arrangement?

Accentuate natural décor  

Fruit and flowers – these are words that may shape your embellishment of cabinets, shelves, tables and bookcases through the home. Summer is a vivacious time for everything we associate with nature. Therefore, think how impressions can be made with bowls of plums, for instance, on a kitchen counter, or daffodils in a standing vase by the conservatory doorframe.

It can cross into other things too, such as rug/shower curtain/duvet patterning. Garden trellises, meanwhile, always look fantastic with snaking vines on one side; the type of plants that are very easy to maintain, which may lead – eventually – to an accompanying outdoor ‘snug’ spot.

Herwald Sales & Lettings love nothing more than a sumptuous property that is all the shades of summer, when a residency or viewing list feels a bit stale. But it’s our skills to market, manage or direct you to wonderful home that shines the brightest… Get in touch for property services you’ve been waiting for in the Greater Manchester reg

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