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Home Staging Tips To Help Your Property Sell

10/07/18 by Herwald Sales & Lettings

As a vendor, you’re probably eager to get your house on the market as soon as possible. But if you want to sell for the best price in the quickest time frame, it pays to give your property some TLC before you open the doors to potential buyers.

There are certainly ways in which a property can be staged to look its best. Join Herwald Sales & Lettings as we crack the home staging secret.

Install dimmer lights

Lights have to be on: that’s one of the golden rules of property viewings. But switch bulbs aren’t as good as dimmer lights that can be turned up or down to suit the space and the weather.

Dark days, for instance, are the perfect excuse for a brighter living room – all the better to pick out details in the furnishings, walls or carpet. At the same time, a single, uniform glow can’t beat the subtler shades of light and shadow when you want a cosier feel to the home. Dimmer lights allow you to create a mood however and whenever you want it.

Buy fresh white towels

It sounds odd, doesn’t it – replacing the towels you have that the prospective buyer is never going to use? Yet as with all elements of a property, the details add up. A number of crisp white towels on your railings or hooks will help your bathroom look clean and luxurious, and allow those on property viewings to see their own personal touches in their place.

Neutral colours are preferable, because they let the imagination wander. “How,” they ask, “might you use this area, when the keys are in your hands?” White towels steer clear of bold primary colours, adding to the sense that anything is possible, stylistically.

Don’t go overboard with pillows and wall art

Sure, we want to dress our homes up, but too much glam or quirk is going to put a sizeable proportion of your buyers off. Be mindful of clutter. Large, decorative pillows are great when used sparingly. The same is true of trinkets, vases and sculptures lined along your bookcase or shelving units.

Canvases carry the same risk. Too many, and the buyer won’t know where to look. But if you have no art at all, the property will appear a bit soulless… The trick is to go for a single larger piece that isn’t too bold and fits in with its surroundings.

Clean everything!

We don’t mean a little scrub of the bathroom tiles, or a casual wipe of the skirting board. Nope: the home is up for sale, meaning every exposed inch of it must glimmer like a new car. A deep clean is in order.

Do it the night before the viewing if you’re using powerful sprays or fluids to minimise any lingering smells. Natural cleaners might be better. Try vinegar, citrus juice and baking soda if you don’t want to leave a synthetic scent behind.

Once the staging is complete, you should be due a stream of people seeking a place like yours… But that’s not always the case. Your current sales and lettings agents may be letting you down. We won’t though – Herwald are a friendly, recognised face in Greater Manchester, giving experienced and knowledgeable advice on the local market.

Staging isn’t everything; your service matters too. Speak to our team for more guidance on achieving a fast property sale at the best price.

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