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5 Tips To Ensure Your Property Sales Goes Smoothly

04/06/18 by Herwald Sales & Lettings

It’s almost crunch time. You’ve decided you want to move from or within greater Manchester, taking a bold new step in life. We here at Herwald Sales & Lettings gave some advice recently on when to sell up in 2018. But more generally, there are preparations to lay down for a property transaction, even before it lands on the market…

What are they? Well, we’ve only gone and outdone ourselves with five fabulous suggestions to make your home sale a smooth ride!

  1. Find out where your key documents are

The legal transaction shouldn’t be a problem – solicitors will manage it for you. However, they’ll most surely benefit from having all the resources for a handover when the property is eventually sold. That includes stuff like your title deeds, planning permits, electric or gas certificates, and any building regulations that’ve been cemented during your ownership. Most of these will be in a digital databank, such as the HR Land Registry.

  1. Get a good valuation

There’s no point drumming up an asking price out of the blue. You really should gain a clear, close-to-perfect assessment of what the property is worth, who might want it, and how that compares to others in the same neighbourhood. Sure, you can check the House Price Index, but it’s usually a month behind on real market values. The best choice is a local estate agent – a team that’s spent most of their own time in the region. They also may be able to reveal what a previous buyer walked away with…

  1. Repair anything that needs it

Is there a blot of damp on a wall? How about a creaking staircase, or a roof beam that looks splintered with rot and age? Fixing these issue now, before anyone walks through the door, is bound to increase your chance of a faultless sale. We’ve personally seen big grins from those who make their house, bungalow or apartment as good as new; plus, a lender’s mortgage evaluator will be more likely to agree that the asking price is fair.

  1. Think carefully about handling viewings

Okay, Zoopla and other humungous listing sites may let you post a sale for next to nothing, but they don’t give you an agent to manage the viewings schedule. Only estate agents can do that. This is important, because buyers don’t like to feel pushed or aggrandised. They want a neutral presence which, unfortunately, probably leaves you out of the picture for showing them around a home. It’s a small but vital factor in getting what you want!

  1. Ensure you’re available for that second viewing

Whilst we’re on the subject, let’s imagine your agent does court a viewer back for a second look… Whoever they are, they’ll be interested to meet you, even to ask about the neighbourhood, traffic, local schools etc. This is when your role as current owner is valuable; no-one knows, currently, what it’s like to live there better than you. Do your best to stay free for a meet-and-greet on the return visit. The estate agent will take the lead on regional advice, but you can chip in too.

There’s so much more to talk about in relation to your local sales presence. Call us to learn what that might be – you’d be surprised just how much an estate agency in Greater Manchester, like us, can energise the pound signs in your eyes, whether you’re a landlord or private homeowner.

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